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     I don’t know about you fashionistas but this weather is giving me so much energy! The cold breeze on my skin and the air I’ve inhaled makes me feel alive. I actually want to go out. With this Covid-19 seething through our nations every nostril and crevice. I haven’t been doing anything sporadic. Not having any motivation to. Especially an on a whim kind of day! In my opinion it’s exactly what we all needed. Today seems like the start of a new. I feel an actual change is coming for us. It can only go up from here right? I read somewhere there is a medical reason for sudden mood-lifting energy from the cold. Kevin Plancher, a New York M.D. tells Women’s Health Magazine. (Weather.com)    
   Since winter weather finally came. Its seemingly affecting people in Nevada in a positive light! With thanksgiving near and Christmas behind! A time for family fell in a timely manner. The end of 2020, the year of “Corona Virus” is actually slowly starting to make sense! So much doom and gloom this year. Having family around can really cheer anyone up! I think Dr. Plancher is right.  
    Enjoy my YouTube vlog I did today. It was a beautifully cold day for a small family gathering at my aunt Marthas house eating and bonding. The cabbage, cornbread, and salmon croquettes were mesmerizing. Check it out
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  • Tommy L Alexander

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