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March 14, 2020

 The day had come and I was so excited!! We planned months for this day! Literally up all night taking notes, reading my photography book I got from college, packing equipment, and watching Youtube tutorials! Once I started setting up I was filled with anxiety brainstorming everything, so the day would go correctly. My mind was everywhere because low key I think I have OCD. I brought my whole room with me, down to getting a variety of drinks for the model I was shooting; water, ginger ale, Naked Juice flavors, and Truly (a hard seltzer w\ 5% ALC). I wanted to make sure my subject was comfortable. I don’t think she was expecting everything I had on the counter for her. I don’t know how many times she said "Thank you for making me feel so comfortable".

  If you really want to get into photography I would say take the extra mile to make your model, muse, or subject comfortable. A little gesture goes a long way! Most importantly, practice, practice, practice. If you don't have anyone to shoot. Go outside whatever the first thing is that grabs your attention, click away! Also comment below what you want to see me shoot or talk about. 

   It was indoors the sun was going to down, my model had just arrived. She had her makeup already done so we were shooting in no time because we planned the outfits the day before. I think we shot for about 4-5 hours. It was midnight when we finished. I used 2 flash guns and 2 continuous lights with the diffuse umbrellas silver reflective and the white translucent. I placed one of the lights above the set for a hair light. Once the sun left us I used all those light plus the ambient light in the room. Which you can watch on my Youtube channel.

 Flash photography can be so dope if you get the gist of lighting and all that good stuff. I’m still learning forever a student! There’s so much creativity to be shot📸 Listen I can go on but I want you to watch my Youtube video, get the visual of everything I just told you and of course see the final selection!! I'm your best bet, I love photography. I think it helps that I’m a former model and a woman too LOL! Book now! The video is 18+ so you must watch the sexy shoot @ Youtube 👇🏾


Boudoir shoot with Kountess


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